Commodore 64 Music & More

Eigene Songs

Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht meiner selbst geschriebenen Songs und Remix / Maxi Versionen

Blues - Presonus Studio 3
The Short One - Garage Band
Progressiv Line - Garage Band
Electropop - Presonus Studio 3
Electropop Short Mix - Presonus Studio 3
Star Trek TOS Tribute - Magix Music Maker (2001)

Commodore 64

C64 Progressiv Mix - Audacity
Crazy Comets Maxi - Audacity
C64 Mix by Sid Spieler - Audacity
Myth C64 (Maxi Version) - Audacity
Mission Impossible Mix C64 - Audacity
Bombo Tune 2 Remix - Presonus Studio 2 Free


Chris Huelsback Amiga Mix - Audacity
first-amiga-mix-by-sid-spieler - Audacity

Hier noch ein paar ganz besondere Titel


Hier eine wunderbare neu Interpretation von Anthony Walthers,
einer der schönsten Songs von Ben Daglish.
RIP Ben !

Single channels recorded on Hardsid by: Sid Spieler
This is a part of a remix with other SID instruments, we only use the original music files with it's original Instruments in a modern studio setup to provide the best possible audio result - To archive this we recorded all channels independently, split them by instrument type and cleaned up the samples from digital distortion as good as possible. At last we mixed and finalized the music track with our studio gear by TC Electronic and Universal Audio. Hope you enjoy the result !

Es gibt auch eine Maxi Version :)

Ben Daglish - Trap (Space Demo)

MultiStyle Labs - Modern Love Classics